Help us cover our annual costs!

from €6,940 (30%)

YOUth ACT is a community-based hub for young change-makers. Our ultimate goal is to live in a world where young people (under 30) with diverse experiences are empowered to participate in political, social, and economic decision-making by creating a space within which young people can take action. We officially became a Stichting in October last year. With the help of 26 volunteers, we have been able to operate with no funds for over a year. 

Unfortunately, volunteering isn't enough for us to operate, so we need funding to cover our annual costs! With YOUR help, will we be able to reach the following 2021 goals:

Starter Pack 

  1. 20 participants throughout two programs per year
  2. 60% founded their own social impact initiative (foundation, social startup, etc) by 2022
  3. 100% increased levels of self-confidence, professional network, skill set and perceived effectiveness in social impact work
  4. 60% participants work within social impact environment by 2022 with a stable income (smoothen transition into labor market)
  5. Lasting personal and professional relationships between mentors, workshop hosts and participants 

Social justice archive

  1. Increase awareness of positionality, decolonial thinking, white saviorism, and other social justice topics amongst our community of young activists, advocates and social entrepreneurs
  2. Democratise knowledge on social justice topics by spreading 12 monthly recommended reading lists, self made summaries and visual guides
  3. Giving a platform to underrepresented voices who work on topics of marginalisation and exclusion at quarterly events  

Community events 

  1. Monthly community events for networking and skill-share purposes with at least 20 attendees
  2. Achieve a sign-up rate of 15 new Vrienden per month in order to grow the organisation and network
  3. Have 180 committed YOUth ACT Vrienden who support our organisation and network by December 2021

Matchmaking formats  

  1. Facilitate recruitment and talent acquisition for non-profits, social startups and other social impact employers through:
    1. Six annual matchmaking events 
    2. Job board on our website with at least 50 jobs listed by December 2021
    3. LinkedIn group (Braindates) with at least 50 members
  2. Showcasing the diverse opportunities that exist to pursue a social impact career by working with Dutch social startups, international organisations, foundations, social movements and other kinds of social impact organisations
  3. Smoothen the transition into the labor market for recent graduates by matching at least 25 young people per year

Check out our annual budget here:


Thank you for your support!